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Wyconn delivers a radically simpler cloud management for enterprise networks and M2M and IoT devices.

  • Eliminate the need for technical staff to install devices
  • A non-technical employee at the installation location takes the device out of the box, plugs in the Ethernet and power cable, and the device is good to go
  • Discovery and authentication are automatic; devices appear immediately on the Wyconn Management Console
  • Network settings and security policies are pushed automatically to the device
  • Quickly replicate configuration settings up to tens of thousands of device. Tag groups of devices or networks to simplify configuration and monitoring.
  • Conduct diagnostics and deploy updates through the Management Console
  • Deploy applications to individual devices or entire networks to provide new or improved capabilities
  • Reduce the time to provision and update devices by being able to copy settings and apply them to tagged devices or networks
  • Reduce the need to dispatch technical staff to repair or replace a device, including lights-out conditions, using embedded 3G capabilities
  • Reduce remote site downtime




  • User data is not routed through the Wyconn Cloud
  • All management traffic is secured by encrypted TLS/SSL connections
  • VPN connectivity is encrypted
  • Wyconn cloud data centres are certified to Tier 3, SAS70, ISO27001, ISO20000, 99.99% uptime SLAs


  • Wyconn devices work even during system interruptions
  • Redundant cloud services provide high availability
  • Users can still use the full range of WiFi functionality and LAN connectivity (file shares, printers, local E-Mail servers, etc.)
  • Users can still access the internet when WAN connectivity is established
  • All configured VPN tunnels continue to work without any interruption to WAN sites
  • LAN switching functionality works without interruptions

The Wyconn Cloud is located in a Tier-3 data centre with certified SAS-70 level infrastructure. Wyconn data centers offer state-of-the art reliability, as well as physical and logical security.

High availability monitoring & alerts

  • 24×7 automated monitoring and alarming system
  • All components are tested every 5 minutes
  • Rapid escalation to the operations team

High performance

  • Traffic is always routed directly without any central controller
  • Access to local file servers is done at Ethernet wire speed and local LAN latencies

Disaster recovery and planned redundancy

  • Out-of-band architecture ensures that all devices work independently even if Wyconn cloud services are interrupted
  • Rapid failover to hot spare systems
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant internet connectivity and Layer 2 networking
  • Redundant LAN switching infrastructure
  • Multiple geographically dispersed data centers
  • Real-time data processing between data centres
  • Nightly archival backups


Cloud service

  • Protected by 24×7 intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Protected via security appliances/firewalls
  • Administrators can be notified on configuration changes
  • All sensitive data (e.g. passwords) is stored either hashed/salted or encrypted


  • Registration with ID card for data centre entry for allowed personnel only
  • High Security key cards and additional PIN code verification
  • All physical access is monitored 24/7 by security guards. Security procedures have to be followed for physical movements
  • 24/7 security service on duty
  • All entries, exits and cabinets are monitored by video surveillance and recordings

Disaster preparedness & environmental controls

  • Redundant internet connectivity from at least 2 independent carriers
  • Redundant Diesel electricity generators for independence of outside electricity and fuel suppliers
  • Automatic gas fire-extinguishing system
  • Redundant power supply (UPS, batteries) and climate control
  • Redundant cooling circuits to the air circulation cooler
  • Automatic data centre failover to another geographical location in the event of a data centre failure
  • Most data centre cells are divided into two statically decoupled building boards


Series 1000

Series 1000

For OEM smart home solutions and other IoT applications.

Series 2000

Series 2000

Router Companion for out-of-band management. M2M and IoT gateway for OEMs and retrofits.

Series 3000

Series 3000

All-in-one router for enterprise branch connectivity.

Series 3000E

Series 3000E

Extended branch connector with 10 Ethernet ports to connect devices directly.

Image MapWyconn 1000: IoT gateway for smart home bundleWyconn 2000: M2M connectivity for OEMs and retrofits.Wyconn 3000: Router and switch companionWyconn 3000E: Branch office connectivity