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Wyconn delivers a radically simpler approach to secure access, monitoring, and control of network devices that otherwise can’t be reached.


Router Companion: Connectivity and configuration even when your existing network device is offline

  • During installation, connect the Wyconn 2000 to the network device using the embedded RS232 console port.
  • During operation, access the Wyconn 2000 through the Wyconn Management Console using the embedded UMTS/3G modem or SIM card to restore or initialize the network device remotely. Provide a SIM card from a local operator for lower costs.
  • Make configuration changes in the Wyconn Management Console. Changes are pushed to the device as soon as it is online.
  • Optional battery backup provides power even when there is an outage locally.

High security

  • Cloud management traffic is isolated from user traffic.
  • Real time statistics, monitoring, alarming, configuration, firmware update, and other management traffic is routed securely.
  • User traffic (VPN traffic, web surfing, M2M application data, IoT traffic, etc.) is routed directly to the destination via WAN uplinks or locally into WLANs or LANs.
  • No user data is routed through Wyconn cloud system.
  • A trusted relationship is established between every Wyconn device and the Management Console.
  • All management traffic is secured by encrypted TLS/SSL connections.
  • VPN connectivity is encrypted.
  • Included distributed security appliance.
  • Wyconn Cloud data centres are certified to Tier 3, SAS70, ISO27001, ISO20000, 99.99% uptime SLAs.

Radically simpler approach to ensuring continued access

  • Network appliances work even during system interruptions.
  • Users can still use the full range of WiFi functionality and LAN connectivity (file shares, printers, local E-Mail servers, etc.).
  • Users can still access the internet when WAN connectivity is established.
  • All configured VPN tunnels continue to work without any interruption to WAN sites.
  • LAN switching functionality works without interruptions.
Series 2000

Wyconn Series 2000

Router Companion for out-of-band management. M2M and IoT gateway for OEMs and retrofits.

Image MapWyconn 1000: IoT gateway for smart home bundleWyconn 2000: M2M connectivity for OEMs and retrofits.Wyconn 3000: Router and switch companionWyconn 3000E: Branch office connectivity