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Wyconn delivers a new, radically simpler approach to large-scale branch connectivity for retail, financial services, manufacturing, and telecom providers.


Provisioning and deployment at-scale

Wyconn devices act as a firewall, connectivity device, access point or gateway, and application platform.

  • Cloud-based configuration and management within the Wyconn Management Console. Quickly replicate configuration settings up to tens of thousands of devices. Tag groups of devices or networks to simplify configuration and monitoring.
  • Devices are shipped directly to the point of installation or to regional distribution centers.
  • A non-technical employee at the installation location takes the device out of the box, plugs in the Ethernet and power cable, and the device is good to go.
  • Discovery and authentication are automatic; devices appear immediately on the Wyconn Management Console.
  • Network settings and security policies are pushed automatically to the device
  • Conduct diagnostics and deploy updates through the Management Console.
  • Deploy applications to individual devices or entire networks to provide new or improved capabilities.
  • Embedded 3G capability (optional) provides connectivity in any location.

Orders of magnitude decrease in cost

  • Reduce the time to provision and update devices by being able to copy settings and apply them to tagged devices or networks.
  • Eliminate the need for technical staff to install devices.
  • Reduce the need to dispatch technical staff to repair or replace a device, including lights-out conditions, using embedded 3G capabilities.
  • Reduce remote site downtime.
Series 3000

Wyconn Series 3000

All-in-one router for enterprise branch connectivity.

Series 3000E

Wyconn Series 3000E

Extended branch connector with 10 Ethernet ports to connect devices directly.

Image MapWyconn 1000: IoT gateway for smart home bundleWyconn 2000: M2M connectivity for OEMs and retrofits.Wyconn 3000: Router and switch companionWyconn 3000E: Branch office connectivity